There are very few beaches that we roam and some of them will crave your
heart forever, yes Seychelles is one of them. Here you will get the experience
of breathtaking view of sea. There is a reason why it is called the paradise of
earth cause after landing there you will get to know the reason behind.
• Located in the east coast of Kenya, made up of 115 coral and granite
island. Most of them are protected areas of marine sanctuaries and
• Apart from roaming in the beaches you can also enjoy the hiking.
• English and French are one of the most speaking languages
• 1USD = 13.56 SCR

Pronouncing Seychelles:

Debunking Common Misconceptions
Many travelers find themselves puzzled by the pronunciation of
Seychelles. Let’s debunk some common misconceptions and learn how
to say it correctly.

Linguistic Origins:

Understanding the Etymology of Seychelles
Dive into the linguistic origins of Seychelles, exploring its history and
cultural significance.

Seychelles in Phonetics:

Breaking Down the Correct Pronunciation
Learn the phonetic breakdown of Seychelles to master its pronunciation
with confidence.

Native Insights:

Learning from Seychellois Speakers
Gain insights from Seychellois locals on how to pronounce Seychelles

Pronunciation Challenges:

Navigating Dialectical Differences
Explore the challenges of pronunciation in Seychelles’ diverse linguistic

Cultural Significance:

The Importance of Correct Pronunciation
Understand the cultural significance of correctly pronouncing
Seychelles and respecting local language.

Tips for Pronouncing Seychelles:

A Practical Guide for Travelers
Practical tips and techniques to help travelers pronounce Seychelles
Respectful Communication: Honoring Local Language and Culture
Embrace respectful communication by mastering the pronunciation of
Seychelles and honoring local culture.
Pronunciation Resources: Tools for Perfecting Your Seychelles
Discover resources and tools to perfect your pronunciation of


Generally, you can visit any time but the best time is April to May and October
to November
In this time, you will get mild heat and is perfect for sunbathing, wildlife
watching and scuba diving
In the peak season you must book your hotel several months before.


The best way to come here is by affordable bus services on Mahe and Praslin,
ferry services are also available.
Unveiling Seychelles’ Lesser-Known Treasures
Prepare to be amazed as we unveil the hidden treasures of Seychelles. From
secluded beaches to lush rainforests, we’ll shine a spotlight on the secret
spots that often escape the typical tourist’s radar.
Off the Beaten Path: Exploring Seychelles’ Hidden Gems
Venture off the beaten path with us as we delve into Seychelles’ hidden gems.
Get ready to explore untouched landscapes, encounter unique wildlife, and
discover the true essence of this captivating destination.
The Charm of Seychelles’ Secret Spots
Discover the charm of Seychelles’ secret spots, where tranquility reigns and
natural beauty abounds. Join us as we uncover secluded coves, hidden
waterfalls, and other enchanting locations that capture the heart and soul of seychelles.

Beyond the Brochures:

Authentic Seychellois Experiences
Say goodbye to cookie-cutter experiences and hello to authentic Seychellois
culture. In this section, we’ll introduce you to the vibrant traditions, delicious
cuisine, and warm hospitality that make Seychelles a truly unforgettable
Ecotourism Escapes: Sustainable Seychelles Exploration
Explore Seychelles with a conscience as we delve into the world of ecotourism.
Learn how Seychelles is leading the way in sustainable travel practices and
discover eco-friendly experiences that leave a positive impact on the

Seychelles' Best-Kept Secrets:

Insider Tips for Adventurers
Unlock the secrets of Seychelles with insider tips from seasoned adventurers.
Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping activities or serene hideaways,
we’ll share insider knowledge to help you make the most of your Seychelles
Remote Retreats: Finding Serenity in Seychelles’ Hidden Hideaways
Escape the crowds and find your own slice of paradise in Seychelles’ remote
retreats. Join us as we explore secluded islands, private villas, and tranquil
beaches where serenity reigns supreme.
Cultural Encounters: Meeting the Heart of Seychelles
Immerse yourself in Seychelles’ rich cultural tapestry as we embark on a
journey of cultural encounters. From vibrant festivals to intimate village
tours, we’ll introduce you to the diverse communities that call Seychelles
Untouched Beauty: Preserving Seychelles’ Hidden Natural Wonders
Discover the untouched beauty of Seychelles’ natural wonders and learn
about efforts to preserve these pristine environments for future generations.
From coral reefs to lush forests, we’ll showcase the breathtaking landscapes
that make Seychelles truly unique.
Beyond the Beaches: Diving into Seychelles’ Hidden Depths
Dive beneath the surface and explore Seychelles’ hidden depths. Join us as
we discover vibrant coral reefs, fascinating marine life, and underwater
wonders that make Seychelles a paradise for divers and snorkelers alike.
Offshore Adventures: Seychelles’ Lesser-Known Islands to Explore Embark on an offshore adventure and discover Seychelles’ lesser-known
islands. From uninhabited atolls to remote nature reserves, we’ll take you on
a journey to some of Seychelles’ most intriguing and undiscovered
Culinary Delights: Sampling Seychelles’ Secret Gastronomic Treasures
Indulge your taste buds with Seychelles’ secret gastronomic treasures. From
fresh seafood to exotic spices, we’ll introduce you to the diverse flavors and
culinary traditions that make Seychellois cuisine a true delight.
Hidden History: Uncovering Seychelles’ Rich Cultural Heritage
Uncover Seychelles’ hidden history and explore its rich cultural heritage.
From colonial architecture to ancient ruins, we’ll delve into the fascinating
stories and landmarks that shape Seychelles’ unique identity.
Insider’s Guide: Navigating Seychelles’ Hidden Gems Like a Local
Get off the tourist trail and explore Seychelles like a local with our insider’s
guide. From secret beaches to hidden landmarks, we’ll share tips and tricks
to help you navigate Seychelles’ hidden gems with confidence and ease.


➢ Causin island
➢ La digue island
➢ Mahe island
➢ Praslin island

Mahe island :

located almost 1000 miles from the main land of East Africa.
• Mahe is the largest island of Seychelles and first stop of most visitors.
• With hidden trees lining the beaches for mile and there is no shortage
of natural beauty in any direction
• You could spend your entire Seychelles escape just lounging on the
beaches immaculate white sand all over the island and the weather is
ideal pretty much every day of the year.

• Mahe is also home to Morne, Seychelles National Park and offers tons
of outdoor activities and hiking trails for those who want to get some of
the best view over the island.
The city of Victoria is a good place to get a better idea of the Seychelles life.

Things to do:

• Snorkeling and diving
• Seychelles National Botanical Garden
• Victoria Market
• Hop a sailboat

Best beaches

• Anse Soliel
• Beau Vallon
• Anse Royale
• Petite Anse

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