Country- Germany
City – Cologne
Language- Deutsch
Currency – Euro (1 USD = 0.92 Euro)


The fourth largest city of Germany A major Cultural center of prime
land city with an impressive place where the famous perfumes
were created in and named after, welcome to cologne. If you arrive
by train in Cologne the Cologne Cathedral will be the first thing
that you will see. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the third
tallest church in the world. To go to the church there are mainly
two entrances one is for going to the cathedral to see the ground
floor and the church and second for going up to the tower, there is
a thing that is written that the climbing the tower will be
exhausting enough and the stairs that never end. The height of the
cathedral is around 157 m. Two Towers from outside it seems like
both are in same height but there is a difference of 6 CM between
the height of two Towers and the view that you will be enjoying
from the top of the tower is mesmerizing. You can see the whole
city with different skyscrapers and the distant portions. the wind
is so beautiful that your curly hairs will be flaunting like petals
blossoming in the wind. You are coming to Cologne and you do not
see Hohenzollern Bridge is quite amazing yes, it is that very bridge which keeps the eternal forever. This Bridge connects Cologne
Central railway station with other European cities on the other side
of the Rhine River. It is also famous for the popularity of charming
spot for the couples, they often attach a padlock in the bridge and
throw the key to the river that is the sign of eternal love. The bridge
is full of Padlocks that attached with another padlock. The weight
of padlocks is around 2 tons; however, this Bridge is strong enough
to sustain the weight.


If you have time for a store and want to relax, you can take a walk
right through the: Cologne next to the Rhine River offers beautiful
sites of the old city the old city area and behind has nice looking
houses but as you can see their very modern style because most
of them were built after the war in the World War 2, almost 3-4th
of the city was destroyed. Looking at the Cologne Cathedral there
is also another spotlight which is smaller comparatively and it is
called the great st’ Martin. It is also very beautiful there is also the
town of the Cologne. Schildergasse is the most popular shopping
street in Cologne and one of the most visited shopping Street in
the whole Germany. The key highlight is the giant glass building.
If you really want to see the most beautiful Skyline of the Cologne
you can go to the triangle building and try the cable car to see the
Cologne from a different perspective, it takes you across the Rhine
River and from there you can see the Cologne Cathedral and the
beautiful Skyline

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